Little (Rust) learning victories

I’m attempting to learn Rust. And really make it stick this time around. A lot of the “making it stick” part is making lists and having the discipline to stick with crossing items off them!

A smaller part is figuring out how I can notch very small victories no matter how much progress I make. This is crucial because I’ve got about a half an hour each morning to work on this!

My current favorite sort of small victory is to write up what I’ve learned if it doesn’t seem like I’m going to get far enough to commit new code behavior. This happens a fair bit when you’re working with a type checker after years of using a very implicit language.

So far I’ve written up what I’ve learned about the web frameworks Nickel and Actix so far.

The motivation for these little chunks of progress are the learning journals Brent Simmons has published over the years.

Adam Keys @therealadam