Desktop vibes

I’ve got three “virtual” desktops going on my Mac right now. The idea each is its own functional workspace. I don’t have three separate physical workspaces to do my writing/thinking, coding/building, or communicating/collaborating. So a digital approximation is the second closest thing. 🤷‍♂️

Leftmost is where I do the thinking. The background is one of the “scenic” images included in macOS. The idea is, if I had a little writing hut, ala Thoreau in Dickinson for looking off into the distance and plying some kind of writing craft, this is the kind of thing I would see when I look up.

Rightmost is where I communicate with the world and my colleagues. The background is also a built-in macOS dynamic desktop of swoopy, abstract colors. Like John Oliver comes to our living room from a featureless void, so I think of this desktop. Ideas, questions, and data points come to me from the void of the internet, end up in this imagined space, and I respond to them in turn through this medium and back to the void. Heavy, eh?

In the middle is where I do the building and coding. The background here is a flat color. I got it by color picking a photo of the 12-Gauge Garage. I noticed later that it’s close to “go away green” as used in Disney’s theme parks to draw the eye away from backstage areas where the magic may be in-progress or under-repair. The idea is I shouldn’t really see this background. I should focus on whatever I’m coding/testing/making/etc.

Adam Keys @therealadam