Into the Miles-verse

I’m kicking off a new “listening project” - Miles Davis. Inspired by A Beginner’s Guide to Miles Davis, I’m going to grind my way through the Miles-verse in chronological order. For posterity, my favorites from before this journey are Sketches of Spain and Bitches Brew.

(I think Kind of Blue is properly rated but not noteworthy because it’s the jazz album that everyone knows and reveres, whether they like jazz or not. And, rightly so.)

Previously in listening projects:

Circa 2008, I got a little bored/annoyed with what I was listening to and decided to play through all the songs in my iTunes library, in order by artist. Discoveries (to me) lurking therein: Bruce Springsteen Born to Run, Talking Heads, Stop Making Sense. Getting through the B-artists was a real endeavor. I have a lot of Ben Folds, Beethoven, Billy Joel, and Brahms albums.

Circa 2016, I listened to all of the Radiohead albums in chronological order. I’d previously really only known them as “the Creep guys” and “the dudes who released an album of MP3s way before everyone else”. (But probably not before Prince, who also performed “Creep”, eventually.)

Adam Keys @therealadam