Mastodon & Me, 2nd Edition

A few years ago, I set up a Mastodon account on a now-defunct instance. It didn’t scare me away, is kinda neat in some ways, the Bird has gone chaotic, and so I’m at it again. Like many folks the past few days, I’m setting up a Mastodon presence mostly from scratch.

If you’re on the fence about Mastodon, here’s how to speed-run it:

  • skim Simon Willison’s post and follow as many links as you like
  • find an instance (i.e. a community/home-room) that suits you and join it
  • use Debirdify to find and follow folks who have advertised a Mastodon presence
  • start posting to Mastodon; ideally, get as weird as your web presence was before global social networks were a thing

This brings my web presence to at least four interesting locales. Which raises the question, “hey Adam, why do you have so many websites”. Herein, I will answer that with the question they’re intended to answer 🧠 👴🏻:

  • My original-ish blog (RSS), answering “hey Adam, what are you thinking about or building?”
  • This blog (RSS,, answering “hey Adam, what’s currently intriguing you?”
  • Mastodon (RSS,, answering “hey Adam, tell me your best one-liners and weirdest hot-takes?”
  • Twitter, answering “hey Adam, what are you thinking about, but in a punchier format?”
Adam Keys @therealadam