Corporate personhood and ants

Filtered for ants and laws, Matt Webb:

Let’s say we could chat with ants. Could we trade with them? What would we want from them?

In short: people treat almost everything as people, at least a bit, including companies.

  1. We could try to communicate with ants and then include them in capitalism. Would this raise all boats for humans (who currently do low-paying/low-prestige work) and the ants (what is good pay/prestige/standard of living for an ant, I don’t know!)?
  2. We attribute person-like qualities to corporations. Infamously, in the case of Citizens United and more innocuously like attributing creativity to Apple, potential then hucksterism with Tesla, or declining design aesthetic with BMW.
  3. If we bring ants into corporatism and personify them, there’s an opportunity for some futurist/dystopian sci-fi where a mysterious cadre of house cleaners/chore-doers conceal themselves via surveillance technology and financial engineering of shell corporations. Turns out, it’s just a mega-colony of ants.
Adam Keys @therealadam