Get lost in an idea

Rabbit-hole-athon - it doesn’t look like an event is scheduled, but I dig the idea:

Tl;dr, we are organizing a weekend long IRL rabbit-hole-athon for technologists: an intimate retreat/hackathon dedicated to reading, thinking deeply about a topic, and sharing your learnings with others.

Like a hackathon or BarCamp, but with the intent to focus an individual’s attention on a topic of their choosing instead of diffusing it. (Which is fine, on balance!)

We believe that being a good builder and problem solver is rooted in being a clear thinker. Intentionally dedicating time to exploring, pursuing your curiosity, and understanding things deeply is an important part of exercising this muscle. We believe this is essential in shaping the next generation of technologists, builders, founders, and researchers.

That’s a snappy manifesto! The notion of taking an afternoon/day/weekend to throw tactics to the wind and go deep on a topic is exciting. I’m already thinking about topics I could go down the rabbit hole on. 🧠

Adam Keys @therealadam