Use fewer algorithmic feeds, mostly search-based

Rob Walker via Austin Kleon, More search, less feed:

I’ve been thinking a lot about the search box versus the feed,” he said. “Let’s take Twitter. When I open it, everybody wants me to think about something.

A Ponzi ecosystem of hustle, reality distortion and projection, outright misinformation and propaganda. Plus, folks who just want to tell you the world is miserable. On the other hand, some funny takes and the occasional wholesome content. As goes social media, so goes humanity.

That bit of (attempted) gallows humor aside, the linked article has a good angle: search for more information and do actual research rather than letting algorithmic-people filter it towards you. Caveat: this may have been more useful when that post was written in 2019 than it is in the reality of junky internet search that is 2024.

Reminder: think your own thoughts.

Adam Keys @therealadam